Paul Mitchell, Super Skinny Serum: $17.99

Smoothes and softens your hair while penetrating deep into the hair shaft where it displaces water and constricts the hair. A smoother surface and smaller diameter reduces drying time, speeds up styling time, and leaves your hair feeling light and healthy.


Design Essentials, Reflections Liquid Shine: $15.00

This spray adds luster and a natural sheen to dull, dry, chemically damaged hair. It does not contain alcohol, never weighs your hair down, and eliminates that frizzy, flyaway hair. Excellent for all types of hair.


Hicks Edges Styling Pomade: $14.99

Is great on natural and relaxed hair.  It temporarily straightens your edges and holds your hair firmly in place, its ideal for styling. It leaves your edges looking shinier and feeling healthier than before.


Design Essentials, Herbal Complex 4, Hair and Scalp treatment: $9.00


Moisturizes your hair and scalp, while fertilizing your hair follicle, which helps to promote growth. It also reduces itching by alleviates dry scalp. Its’ light texture will not weigh your hair down.


Nu Expressions, Carrot Oil: $7.50

Contains pure butter, carrot oil, beta carotene and vitamins. Great moisturizer for hair and scalp.  


Nu Expression, Mayonnaise & Honey Conditioning Crème: $7.50

Moisturizes your hair with natural oils, real mayonnaise, honey and vitamins. This moisturizer is extra light and will not leave your hair feeling greasy. Its great for relaxed, natural, or color treated hair.


Clinicure, Botanical Thinning Hair Solutions, Chemically Treated Hair: $22.50

This system is filled with natural botanicals to help your hair grow naturally. This system creates the optimal scalp environment to grow healthier, thick-looking hair.  


Clinicure, Botanical Thinning Hair Solutions, Natural Hair: $22.50

This system discourages hair loss by: cleansing your scalp of DHT, neutralizing environmental pollutants that can weaken or damage the scalp and hair follicles, and provides essential nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles.

Our in store selection of hair care products will help you to maintain your hair and style between visits.

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